Green Products are non-toxic, energy- and water-efficient, and harmless to the environment. They are also recyclable and biodegradable.  Solar Energy is a great example and a great place to start.  We will continue to add sources here as we find them.


Green ProductsHow toxic is your home??  The Clean and Green Guide reveals the secrets to making your own natural, safe & cheap cleaning products.  Support the health of your family, save yourself money, and save the environment at the same time.  Learn how to make ‘green’ cleaning products for all the rooms of your home with everyday household items.  Learn more


Green ProductsGreen Living Kit systems produce clean, non-polluting energy. A single project can offset up to the equivalent of approximately 40% of the carbon dioxide emissions of a modern passenger car. They are safe for our environment, safe for plants, safe for animals and safe for all of us.  If you are interested in learning exactly how to build and use your own Solar Panels or Wind Turbine to generate power and reduce your bill, then this is the perfect resource for you!



green productsSolarStirlingPlant – The Most Powerful Way to Generate Energy –   Don’t want your Solar installed by a company?  Rather do it yourself?  Then you will want this information!   Plus BONUS info for creating a Solar Powered Water Heater.  Easier than you would think!  Build your own Solar Plant Here.