Education is a lifelong process.  Whether a child in school, a college student, a 30- or 40-something on the job, or a retiree trying to stay sharp – we need resources to help us keep learning.  Here are some amazing offers that we hope will help you.  Come back often as we are constantly searching for more ways to help you learn.


EducationK5 Stars makes learning fun for kids age 5 through 10 with dozens of colorful interactive online games. Each learning game is designed for your child’s grade level. Successful efforts earn applause, beeps and funny greetings…encouraging more practice of basic math and language skills.  Learn more now


imagefreevid2The QuickBooks University is a powerful, simple, easy video tutorial series.   QuickBooks University shows you EVERYTHING there is to know about QuickBooks so you can learn it quickly!  This set of QuickBooks tutorial videos covers how to unlock the secrets of your business, manage your costs, spend less time working on your books, and earn more money!  Go here to learn more:



EducationSpeechSchool.TV teaches you to speak more clearly, neutralise a foreign accent, overcome speech problems (eg. mumbling, stuttering) or make your presentations sparkle!  It is a subscription-based, Internet TV Channel that is the result of over 30 years learning and practice in the area of English speech training and voice coaching.  Go here for details: